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» About the journal

About the journal

ISSN print – 0201-419
e-ISSN 2708-9827


National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Institute of the Ukrainian language of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Institute of the Ukrainian language of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

in September 1967

Certificate of registration of print media:
Series KV № 11864-735Р of 19.10.2006
Scientific journal Culture of the word is registered by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine as print media (Certificate: Series КВ № 12180 – 1064 ПР of October 19, 2006).

Published: two issues a year

Sphere of distribution: nationwide and foreign

Readership: scientists, graduate students, teachers, students
Scientific and theoretical journal

Edition is included in the Register of scientific professional publications of Ukraine (Order of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine by № 1604 of December 22, 2016)

Editorial board:
16 persons, 1 of them – Corresponding Member of the NAS of Ukraine, 4 foreign experts in the field of linguistics, doctors of philological sciences (Republic of Bulgaria, Republic of Poland, Czech Republic), 15 – Doctors of Philology

Thematic orientation:
coverage of theoretical and practical issues of linguistic stylistics, sociolinguistics, language of culture, history of language and writing, language of folklore, dialectology, grammar, terminology, onomastics, publication of language advice, consultations.

Rubrics of the journal 

  • Theory and history of linguistics
  • A word in a work of art
  • Language and time
  • The term and the present
  • The language of mass communication
  • Language standard: constant and variable
  • From the history of culture and writing
  • In the world of proper names
  • Grammar stylistics
  • Pronunciation and emphasis
  • The treasures of the people’s word
  • To help the teacher
  • Figures of Ukrainian linguists
  • Reviews
  • Our consultations
  • Thoughts over time
  • About authors


In electronic libraries

An electronic version of the scientific-theoretical journal “CULTURE OF THE WORD” is available on the site of the V.I. Vernadskyi National Library of Ukraine

Scientific electronic library of NASU periodicals

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Legal documents

The magazine publishes materials on topical theoretical and practical problems of the Ukrainian language in the field of linguistic stylistics, sociolinguistics, linguoculturology, history of language, dialectology, grammar, terminology, onomastics, language culture, as well as the problems of integrative linguistics, spelling, codification of lexical and grammatical and stylistic norms, etc.

Reviews of Ukrainian and Slavic linguistics novelties, linguistics and reviews of publications that are a prominent phenomenon in linguistics are published on the pages of the magazine. In addition, the journal publishes articles on the anniversaries of prominent linguists, and highlights issues raised in linguistic forums-symposia, conferences, and congresses.

All articles submitted to the editors of «Culture of the word» are reviewed and edited. The editorial board decides on the submitted manuscripts.
At the recommendation of the reviewer, according to the decision of the editorial board, they are accepted for printing, sent for revision or rejected.
At the request of the editor, the articles are submitted with external reviews

The magazine is not a prepaid publication