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» Journal Issues » 2020 » Journal "Culture Of The Word" - №92, 2020 » “MY LOVE, I'M IN FRONT OF YOU…” (VERBAL IMAGE OF “LOVE” IN LINA KOSTENKO'S POETRY)


Journal “Culture Of The Word” – №92, 2020
УДК 81.161.2’38

Candidate of philology, senior lecturer of the department of language and psychological-pedagogical training, Odessa National Economic University, street Preobrazhenska, 8, Odessa, 65082
E-mail: visotskaz@ukr.net
ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000–0001–8588–4009

Heading: the language of poetry: reverberation of generations

Language: Ukrainian

The article offers an analysis of the verbal image of “love” in the poetry of Lina Kostenko, traces its lexical-associative and functional-stylistic development.
Cognitive-textual analysis shows that the individual linguosophy of the image of “love” in Lina Kostenko’s poetry harmoniously combines tradition and innovation. In particular, there is a continuation of the tradition of sublime-romantic description of the feeling of love, its sacralization. The harmonization of human feelings and the state of nature characteristic of Ukrainian folk poetics, which is manifested in numerous natural-morphological metaphors, is also stated. These metaphors cover a wide range of nominative and verb images that are thematically related to plants.
A typical models of metaphorization of the feeling of love – its understanding in terms of conceptospheres “fire”, “element”, “music”. Each of these models is presented from the point of view of Lina Kostenko’s individual author’s vision.
The formulas for expressing the feeling of feeling “I love you”, “I think of you” are also textually productive in L. Kostenko’s poetry. Their content is often specified, express the circumstances of the mode of action, time.
The affinity of L. Kostenko’s language with the vernacular is evidenced by phraseologized descriptions of love.
A number of metaphors by L. Kostenko express the complexity of negative emotional phenomena and states related to love, such as “separation”, “alienation”, “pain”, “anxiety”.
The most representative for L. Kostenko’s poetry positively marked lexical-associative connections of the concept of “love” include “love – a kiss” and “love – a dream”.
Keywords: Lina Kostenko’s individual style, verbal image, metaphor, metaphorical model, associative-semantic connection, linguistic-aesthetic sign of culture, linguistic-aesthetic sign, linguistic-psychological sign.

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