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» Journal Issues » 2020 » Journal "Culture Of The Word" - №92, 2020 » RECEPTION OF THE HERITAGE OF M. T. RYLSKYI IN THE SCIENTIFIC COLLECTION "CULTURE OF THE WORD"


Journal “Culture Of The Word” – №92, 2020

Anhelina GANZHA,
PhD in Philology, Senior researcher of the Department of stylistics, language culture and sociolinguistics, Institute of the Ukrainian Language of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 4 Hrushevskyi St., Kyiv 01001, Ukraine;
E-mail: ganzhalina@ukr.net
ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0003-2938-5306

Heading: theory and history of linguistic stylistics

Language: Ukrainian

For many decades, Maxim Rylskyi’s artistic texts and scientific achievements have attracted linguistic researchers. This thesis is vividly illustrated by the more than half a century history of publications on the heritage of the poet-academician in the scientific collection “Culture of the word” of the Institute of Ukrainian Language of NASU. Since the foundation of the mentioned edition (1967), its readers are being able to constantly get acquainted with Rylskyi’s works of about history of Ukrainian literary language, lingual stylistics, practice of artistic translation, lexicography, and also with scientific research of linguists about the multifaceted idiostyle of the writer.
The diachronic reception of publications about the scientist and poet in the collection “Culture of the Word” reveals a kind of creative and philosophical discussion by the scientific and artistic generations of the Soviet era, the post-Soviet era and the beginning of the 21st century. Although the immutable “classicism” (in the broadest sense) of M.T. Rylskyi’s legacy lifts it above time, yet the relentless evolution of scientific paradigms and artistic visions of the new era leads to new theoretical reflections on the writer’s works.
Keywords: text, diachronic reception, worldview discussion, Maksym Rylskyi, “Culture of the word”.

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