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» Journal Issues » 2020 » Journal "Culture Of The Word" - №93, 2020 » THE LINGUOCULTUREME OF “SONG” IN THE POETIC DISCOURSE OF LESIA UKRAINKA


Journal “Culture Of The Word” – №93, 2020
УДК 811.161.2

Nataliia HOLIKOVA,
Doctor of Philology, Prof., Oles Honchar Dniprovsk National University; 72 Gagarin Ave., Dnipro 49010, Ukraine

Е-mail: nataliaholikova62@gmail.com
ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0003-4157-1275

Heading: To the 150-th anniversary of the birthday of Lesia Ukrainka
Language: Ukrainian

The article examines the functional and stylistic features of the linguocultureme of “song” in the idiolect of Lesia Ukrainka. It is emphasized that in the analyzed poetic discourse the word “song” is a key, stylistically marked component, which testifies to the relevance of semantics in the field of Ukrainian song and music culture. The branched semantic structure of the keyword in the language of various genres of poetic works of the writer, which consists of common and contextually determined lexical-semantic variants, is traced. The specificity of the symbolic meanings of the keyword “song” is substantiated, the basis for which are often folk poetic sources. Lexical-thematic lines with a dominant “song” are determined, which provide semantic coherence of poems in the vertical context of Lesia Ukrainka’s language creation. Among the main representatives of the textual integrity of the studied poetic and dramatic works such semantic-thematic oppositions and associative convergences as: “word” – “music” are actualized; “will” – “bondage”; “native land” – “foreign land”; “word”, “poetry”, “creativity”; “song”, “thought”; “brotherhood”, “equality”, “will”; “optimism”, “hope”; “song”, “dream”, “fantasy”, “dream”, etc. The semantic-associative field is structured and described, the center of which is the token “song” and derivations related to it. Linguocultureme «song» is analyzed as one of the key tectocentric components of the linguocognitive space of language creation of Lesia Ukrainka, which reflects the basic principles of organization of the national linguistic and cultural universe in general and its verbal and musical sphere in particular.

Keywords: song, key words, style word, linguocultureme, semantic structure of the word.

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